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Sterling Silver

Sterling silver has been used for many years in the creation of Jewish treasures. It is in this continued tradition that many beautiful items of Judaica are crafted using the same silver as years ago. At World of Judaica we offer a wonderful selection of sterling silver pieces, beautifully and timelessly crafted for the utmost style.


Browse through the collection of Moreshet incredible sterling silver plated Judaica items. From Menorahs to Kiddush cups to Kiddush fountains, they have it all.

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Hadad Brothers

Hadad Brothers brings a family tradition of artistic tase when it comes to sterling silver Judaica. Check out the Hadad Brothers collection of Menorahs and Kiddush cups.

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Caspi-Silver offers an impressive selection of high end sterling silver items, including Jewish jewellery and other Judaica. Make sure to search through the Caspi-Silver Menorah section.

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Bier Judaica

Bier Judaica offers an extensive collection of sterling silver Judaica items, from high quality candlesticks to one of a kind Seder plates. Find high end Judaica pieces here.

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Sterling Silver

One of the most striking things about Judaica is the amount of silver used.  Indeed, it is possible to find sterling silver in almost all areas of Jewish life, from Hanukkah menorahs to Kiddush cups and even the pointers, crowns and breastplates used to decorate Torah scrolls are very often made from 925 Sterling Silver.  Not only that, but even the most simple items used in everyday circumstances, such as mezuzah covers and washing cups are also very often made of sterling silver.

If you are looking for a sterling silver Judaica item, it is possible to find both simple and elaborate items.  Typically, the designs used on these Judaica items are traditional and reflect a religious theme in Judaism, such as depictions of the Old City of Jerusalem or floral decorations that depict the 7 species of fruits and grains that the land of Israel is known for.  Other, simple decorations include diamond patterns that are accompanied by crystals.

Sterling Silver items also make great gifts for any special occasion or lifecycle events.  For a wedding, a sterling silver Challah knife, set of candlesticks or sterling silver menorah are some great ideas that would be appreciated by the new couple.  For a holiday, consider a honey dish or even a sterling silver Mayim Achronim set.

Sterling Silver Judaica companies include Hazorfim, Hadad Brothers, Caspi-Silver, and Bier Judaica. From these brands you can expect high quality sterling silver Judaica pieces. Whether you are looking for a Sterling Silver Kiddush cup, Kiddush fountain, or other Shabbat item, make sure to browse through the collection of Sterling Silver Judaica. Bier Judaica offers an impressive selection of sterling silver Menorahs for your Hanukkah celebration. From Hazorfim, you can find incredible Sterling Silver Kiddush cups. Caspi-Silver offers wonderful sterling silver Jewish jewellery items. Hadad Brothers is sure to please with their sterling silver Judaica candlesticks.

At World of Judaica, there is a wide selection of sterling silver Judaica items for you to choose from, for any occasion and any need.  If you would like to know more about Judaica items, visit our learning centre where you can read about the uses of different Judaica items as well as their meaning.  If you are still unsure about what item is appropriate for a gift or to find out more about a specific item, Contact Us and we’ll be happy to address your concerns.