Osem Couscous (350g)

Osem Couscous (350g)

Osem Couscous

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Osem Couscous (350g)
Osem Couscous (350g)


A 350 gram bag of instant couscous, this couscous is used in Israel as a starch base for stewed vegetables and meat.

In Israel, you can find many Moroccan, Algerian, and Tunisian restaurants and households that regularly serve couscous with a vegetable and meat stew. This dish is common in Israel, so if you are no longer in Israel, you may experience severe cravings for the dish. Satisfy your cravings with this Osem couscous, straight from Israel. This soft, fluffy starch can also be substituted for a rice or pasta side dish in any meal.
This couscous is Kosher Pareve. The couscous contains gluten (from wheat).